Body language: movement, dance and physical education in Scotland, 1890-1990


  • University of Edinburgh

  • Fergusson Gallery, Perth

Project summary

This is a joint project between Edinburgh University Library (EUL) and the Fergusson Gallery, Perth (FG) to catalogue, preserve and make available three collections relating to movement, dance, gymnastics and physical education in Scotland and beyond. The collections comprise: the archives of Margaret Morris Movement International (MMMI), curated by FG, the records of Dunfermline College of Physical Education (DCPE), and Scottish Gymnastics (SG), both curated by EUL.

The objectives are to: create online catalogues of the collections; ensure their long-term preservation by rehousing in archival-quality enclosures; carry out conservation work on at-risk items; digitise high-priority material for free public and research access; design and create a project website to host the catalogues and provide contextual information for public engagement and research based around the collections. We will also engage the research community and wider public through social media, talks, conferences and other events and seek funding for research and public engagement, scoping and locating further related collections and forging partnerships with other relevant institutions.