Arts, society and public health: an exploration of the major UK cohort studies


  • Dr Daisy Fancourt

    University College London

Project summary

We will explore the impact of arts and cultural engagement on health and wellbeing at a population level, using the outstanding longitudinal cohort data that has been collected in the UK. Research will examine the effects of cultural engagement and active and passive arts consumption on diagnosed mental health conditions, self-reported mental health and wellbeing, diagnosed physical health conditions, self-reported symptoms, physiological measures, cognitive measures and psychosocial measures. A key focus will be on how different populations, including people with varying ages, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and education, might be differently affected. 

To maximise the impact of this research, there will be a four-pronged engagement programme, including peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations, reports and meetings with stakeholders in public health, politics and commissioning to explore the implications for policy. There will also be a suite of activities to raise awareness of the effects of arts engagement.