Aldosterone modulation of intracellular Ca2+ and pH, and K+ conductances: implications for secretion and reabsorption in pluripotential epithelia


  • Dr Valérie Urbach

    National Children's Research Centre

Project summary

After obtaining her PhD in 1993 at the University of Nice, France, Valérie spent four years as a postdoctoral fellow at University College Cork, Ireland. A year after the birth of her fourth child in 1998, she was awarded a Career Re-entry Fellowship and returned to France to join a respiratory research group at the University Hospital Montpellier. In 2003, she was offered a permanent appointment as a researcher at the French National Institute of Health, INSERM, where she has continued to work in the area of airway epithelium in health and disease and developed translational studies on the regulation of airway epithelial secretory function. Her research has revealed novel effects of the endogenous lipoxin LXA4 on airway epithelium function. Valérie is currently on leave of absence from INSERM in Dublin, Ireland, where she has established a research group at the National Children’s Research Centre and expanded the work on lipoxins to children with cystic fibrosis.