4.48 creatively engages the deaf community with mental health issues


  • Deafinitely Theatre

Project summary

4.48 was the time when artist Sarah Kane would often wake up when she had depression and this inspired the title of her play 4.48 Psychosis. We want to raise awareness of mental health issues for deaf people and our project will include a bilingual production of the play. This production will lead into an academic research project exploring psychosis through visualisation which will act as a platform for a programme of debates, discussions, workshops and resources that raise awareness of this hidden issue. 

4.48 will be led by deaf creatives, academics and other mental health professionals. The project will also include online debates and a deaf-led support group. It will enable creative exploration of health-related science and research. It will help deaf people achieve better health outcomes by raising awareness and making mental health for deaf people less of a taboo.