Infectious Disease Team

Over the next 30 years, we want to prevent and stop future escalations of infectious diseases.

To understand what causes outbreaks and drives their escalation, we will support research into infectious diseases that are already on the rise and those with the potential to become future outbreaks. We will focus on communities at greater risk, ensuring sustainability and equity are considered throughout.

Our work will also inform how infectious diseases are mapped and measured to better predict outbreaks and intervene earlier.

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Meet the team 

  • A photograph of the person, Gordon Dougan.

    Gordon Dougan

    Director, Infectious Disease (Interim) 


    Gordon is an expert in vaccinology, infection and genomics. His research focuses on the genetic and immunological analysis of host/pathogen interactions during infection, particularly those involving enteric bacteria.

  • Esme Mroz-Dawes

    Senior Programme Manager


  • Kiern Dhillon

    Executive Assistant


  • Yasmin Jones

    Team Coordinator


  • Sinead Mathias

    Team Coordinator



  • A photograph of the person, Charlie Weller.

    Charlie Weller

    Head of Prevention, Infectious Disease

  • Shobana Balasingam

    Research Lead, Human Investigations and Challenge

  • Deborah King

    Research Lead, Vaccines

  • Pete Gardner

    Research Lead, Antibodies and Immunity

  • Helen Groves

    Research Manager, Vaccines

  • Nimisha Raj Sharma

    Research Manager, Human Investigations & Challenge

Epidemics and Epidemiology

  • A photograph of the person, Josie Golding.

    Josie Golding

    Head of Epidemics & Epidemiology

  • Peter Hart

    Senior Research Manager, Microbial Communities and Reservoirs

  • Bethan Hamilton

    Research Manager, Epidemics

  • Rebecca Knowles

    Research Manager, Disease Tracking


  • A photograph of the person, Timothy Jinks.

    Timothy Jinks

    Head of Interventions

  • Janet Midega

    Senior Research Manager, Drug Resistant Infections

  • Chibuzor Uchea

    Research Manager, Drug Resistant Infections

  • Jamie Nunn

    Project Officer, Drug Resistant Infections

Health Systems and Environment

  • A photograph of the person, Sally Nicholas.

    Sally Nicholas

    Head of Health Systems and Environment

  • Divya Shah

    Research Lead, Site and Systems

  • Emma Maynard

    Research Manager, Climate and Infections

  • Mark Whittaker

    Research Manager, Site and Systems

Our work 

Residents in Mexico City wash their hands as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19.

Infectious disease

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A man being vaccinated in an Ebola vaccine trial in Liberia


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