Josie Golding, Head of Epidemics & Epidemiology

Josie joined Wellcome in 2016 and was appointed the Head of Epidemics and Epidemiology in 2022.

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During her time at Wellcome she has developed a portfolio of epidemic preparedness research investments covering a broad range of research themes, including fundamental and applied research, integrating social sciences and ethics, product development and policy.

This includes supporting research through a collaboration between FCDO and Wellcome established in 2018, where the Joint Initiative on Research for Epidemic Preparedness and Response has emphasised the generation of evidence to inform policy.

Josie has led Wellcome’s epidemic responses to a number of infectious diseases including Zika, yellow fever, Ebola and Covid-19 and has represented Wellcome through international forums, including as a member of the Science Advisory Committee for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI).

Josie’s background is primarily in infectious diseases, host immunity and clinical research. She worked at the Health Protection agency (now known as UKHSA) working with norovirus and at the Pirbright Institute on veterinary pathogens including African swine fever and rinderpest.

She spent several years working at the Surrey Clinical Research Centre assisting in the implementation of a range of clinical trials on therapeutics and vaccines, as well as at Kings College London researching the immune-mediated condition known as graft versus host disease.