Sabrina Lamour-Julien, Research Lead, Therapeutics

Sabrina is the Research Lead for Therapeutics, aiming to support research and development for new medical treatments that are effective, affordable, appropriate and available for communities most impacted by escalating infectious diseases.

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In her previous role, Sabrina was part of the Innovations team at Wellcome. She developed and oversaw a diverse set of initiatives, including a portfolio of drug discovery, technology, and diagnostic projects in neglected tropical diseases and febrile illnesses for low-income settings. She was also the Chair of Wellcome’s Race Equity Network from 2020-2021.
Prior to joining Wellcome in 2018, Sabrina worked for multiple years as an immunologist in drug discovery for pharma/biotech in the UK and Germany, and as a project manager on HIV modelling work. She holds a PhD in Clinical Research and MRes in Biomedical Research, specialising in host responses towards parasitic and viral infections.