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At Wellcome, we invite organisations to apply for contract opportunities that support our mission to fund discovery research and find solutions to three worldwide health challenges: mental health, infectious disease and climate.

Find research contract funding opportunities and requests for proposals (RFP) below.

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Climate and Health

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Infectious Disease

Mental Health

Other contract opportunities

Data for Science and Health:

There are currently no contract opportunities for Data for Science and Health

Research Environment:

There are currently no contract opportunities for Research Environment

Translation and Portfolio Integration:

There are currently no contract opportunities for Translation and Portfolio Intergration


There are currently no contract opportunities for Strategy

Corporate Affairs:

Culture, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI):

There are currently no contract opportunities for CEDI


Who can apply? 

We aim to make our contract opportunities open to all organisations, however there will be instances where we provide eligibility criteria based on the specific nature of what we are looking to procure. Please see each opportunity for specific eligibility criteria.

We do not contract with suppliers connected to the tobacco industry. For clarity, we define the tobacco industry as any company, entity or organisation (or groups or combinations of the same) whose business other than for an insignificant part (less than 10% of its revenue), is the development, production, promotion, marketing, or sale of tobacco in any country of the world. The term also includes any companies that are a subsidiary or a holding company or affiliate of the above. This also includes E-cigarette companies and non-tobacco related companies which are fully or partially owned by the tobacco industry.

Diversity and inclusion are central to our strategy. We want to make sure everything we do – and everyone who works with us – upholds these principles. Our intention is to work with kindness and consideration and to value the wellbeing of everyone involved in the collaboration. If you require any reasonable adjustments during the application process, please let us know.

How to apply 

Please send in your proposals electronically and refer to the individual RFP documents above for specific timelines and response requirements.

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Previous opportunities 

Here, you can find some of our previous RFPs that have now expired, including an overview of each project, to enable suppliers to understand the format and structure.