Collage: images of pills, a patient in a hospital bed, and a healthcare professional.
Credit: Wellcome, with photography by Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Covid-19 treatments: latest on research

We have effective vaccines for Covid-19, but they are not accessible to everyone, everywhere. Having a range of treatments is important to help save lives and reduce the pressure on healthcare systems. During the Covid 19 pandemic, we called for collective global effort to fund, research, develop and bring effective treatments to people as soon as possible. 

We need a range of treatments for Covid-19 to cover all stages of the disease.

Covid-19 treatments explained 

How we're supporting research 

We launched the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Mastercard.

This is a large-scale collaboration to research, develop and bring effective treatments to market quickly and accessibly. The studies funded so far include evaluating approved drugs and creating platforms for exploring new potential treatments.

Treatments for everyone 

All effective treatments against Covid-19 – wherever they’re developed – must be distributed equitably around the world, starting with the places that need them most urgently. If not, the virus can never be brought under control.


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