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Wellcome’s pay gap data 2022

Wellcome’s latest gender and ethnicity pay gap data, which shows a snapshot of the organisation on 5 April 2022.

Addressing Covid-19 vaccine inequity by mid-2022

Across the world, there are unacceptable disparities in access to Covid-19 vaccines, leaving many vulnerable people unprotected. This paper considers this challenge and sets…

Wellcome Annual Report 2022

Find out how Wellcome performed in 2021/22, with commentaries from our Chair and Director, reports on what we did last year and reviews of our finances and investments.

Wellcome’s ambitions for 2022 and beyond

Cheryl Moore, Director of Research Programmes, shares how Wellcome plans to spend £16 billion over the next ten years to advance scientific discovery and take on the world’s…
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Josie Golding

Head of Epidemics & Epidemiology


Mpox: what we know so far

Why disease surveillance and cooperation will be key to managing this outbreak and others in the future. 
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Beth Thompson

Chief Strategy Officer

Beth is Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for the work of the strategy and programme office, government relations and strategic partnerships, policy, and transition and…
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Alan Dangour

Director of Climate and Health

Alan leads the Climate and Health team in the delivery of Wellcome’s strategy in this new challenge area.

Has Covid-19 changed researcher behaviour?

Has the research community shared their data openly and transparently during the Covid-19 pandemic? Clinical Data Sharing Manager, Georgina Humphreys reflects on the last 14…
Grant fundingSchemes

Research Enrichment – Public Engagement

This funding supports Wellcome grantholders who want to use public insights to develop their research. Find out what we offer and how to apply.

Career stage:

  • Leading a research programme
  • Postdoctoral research
  • Returning to research

Duration of funding:

Funding will end at the same time as your main Wellcome grant

Scale of funding:

Between £10,000 and £250,000 (depending on your main Wellcome grant)