Media statement in response to the World Health Organization’s Global tuberculosis report 2022

Reaction to the publication of the World Health Organization's latest Global tuberculosis report.

Charlie Weller, Head of Prevention at Wellcome, said:

“The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises have undoubtedly set back efforts to tackle tuberculosis, as well as other infectious diseases. At the same time research and development in this area has stagnated after decades of political and financial neglect, leaving us with inadequate tools to turn the tide.  

“Our ability to control this disease relies on having an efficient research and development system at the very heart of TB mitigation. Investments must prioritise accessibility, affordability and availability for all from the beginning - only then can we develop a system that is sustainable, diverse and equitable throughout, and integrates effective community engagement to encourage uptake to make sure the tools are reaching those who need them most. 

“World leaders have committed to ending the TB epidemic by 2030. But to achieve this goal, the global community must take action now, and commit real financial and political will to track, treat and stop TB from spreading. If we want to reverse this trend and prevent further deaths and disease from one of the world’s most devastating diseases, investment in its research and development is crucial.”