Media statement on the IPCC Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability report

Wellcome's Director of Climate and Health, Alan Dangour, responds to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

Alan Dangour, Director of Climate and Health at Wellcome, said:

“Climate change is more than an environmental disaster. Today’s IPCC report draws urgent attention to the health risks of a hotter planet, building awareness of the link between climate and health. 

“From crop failure to water scarcity, those who are least equipped to cope are being hardest hit by climate change. Although many of the impacts are now irreversible, science is helping us to find solutions to limit and adapt. For example, by changing the way we farm, we can produce healthier food and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. By developing ways to measure, monitor and track the impact of climate change on our health, we can create clear policy targets. By addressing global gaps in adaptation, we can better support the millions of people exposed to chronic raised temperatures and to water insecurity.”

“This report is sobering, showing us that the climate crisis is accelerating at an even faster rate than predicted. But there is still a window of opportunity. We must act together now to protect the health of people and our planet.”