Summer internship programme

Our eight-week internships for undergraduates take place at the Wellcome offices in London every summer. They are designed to inspire, encourage and support a new generation who will go on to make a difference.

You'll work alongside our experienced staff in the area that most interests you, building on your existing skills and gaining new ones. We value your insights and ideas, and during your time with us you’ll have every opportunity to make a real contribution.

We will be unable to offer summer internships in 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and some changes in structure to support our new strategy. We're currently reviewing our programmes and will provide an update in autumn 2021.

What we offer 

  • You'll get to work on real projects.
  • We pay the London Living Wage which is currently £10.55 per hour (it goes up on 1 November each year).
  • The internships last for 8 weeks each summer and take place at the Wellcome offices in London.
  • You’ll be part of a cohort of interns, and get to share your experiences together.
  • You’ll work on a project with fellow interns which will develop new skills and show you how Wellcome operates to achieve its aims.
  • You’ll have a dedicated line manager who’ll support and mentor you, and oversee your work.
  • You’ll have lots of opportunities for development – including the chance to meet people from across Wellcome, hear from industry experts, attend career development workshops and participate in group volunteering days.
  • You'll gain insight into how a global charity works and leave your internship with some great connections and experience.


Internships offered in 2020 (now closed)

Applications for the internships listed below are now closed. 

Events and Travel

Event Management and Travel Services sit within the Business Services area of the People division. They enable Wellcome to achieve its mission by enabling people to come together to find solutions that improve human/planetary health. 

During an internship you will spend the first four weeks in the Global Conferences and Events team and the second four weeks in the Global Travel team. You will learn about event management and how to organise travel to ensure they meet Wellcome’s duty of care, and safety and crisis management.

Some key projects will be working on the continuous improvement of event management processes to make them more inclusive and environmentally friendly, supporting the delivery of events, assessing and recommending traveller training and promoting responsible travel behaviours that reduce our carbon footprint.

Applicants should be curious about the travel sector and/or event management as a career option. They should be confident with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, have strong interpersonal skills, and strong written and verbal communication skills.


The Grants team is responsible for the processing of grant applications and the administration of grants. As part of the application and award process, we collect a large amount of grant-related data, and we analyse and report on this data to inform future funding decisions.

During an internship here your main focus will be on analysing grants data and producing reports on funding trends. This will involve analysing data on budget expenditure, supplements and write backs, analysing data on the internal reallocation of applications between committees and analysing demographic data on our applicants and award holders.

You’ll need to have a good standard of written English and Mathematics, an interest in data analysis, intermediate Excel skills and be familiar with Powerpoint. You will also need to be analytical with strong attention to detail, and able to work on your own and manage your time with limited supervision.

The Hub

The Hub is a dynamic transdisciplinary research space where people from different backgrounds and expertise come together on projects exploring science, medicine, life and art. We support researchers with The Hub Award of up to £1 million which brings researchers, practitioners and creative professionals together to work as a collaborative residency over a period of up to two years.

During an internship here your main focus will be on supporting the coordination of Ideas Hub, a week-long summer school for 15-20 people to explore participatory methodologies in depth. This will involve compiling a welcome pack and programme for Ideas Hub participants and managing communications and organizing a digital meet-up. You will also support the sharing of findings from an evaluation of The Hub, reviewing our impact to date. This could include coordinating workshops and drafting reports/ presentations on findings.

Applicants will need to have an interest in research, event planning and communications, good people skills and be enthusiastic to learn new knowledge and skills.  

Humanities and Social Science

The Humanities and Social Science team identify and support key areas of research and research resources in the humanities and social sciences that improve and inform experiences of health. 

During an internship here your main focus will be working with the team to organise an event. This will involve leading on the organisation of the event and identifying and liaising with key stakeholders. You will also have the opportunity to get involved in other areas, based on your interest and schedules permitting. This could include researching inequalities in health and supporting the assessment of major international funding schemes.

Applicants will need to have an interest in the Humanities or Social Sciences.

Insight and Analysis

The Insight and Analysis team work closely with teams across Wellcome to understand how well Wellcome is making progress towards achieving its mission and finds ways to increase our impact.

During an internship here you will support the team to carry out research and analysis for the Wellcome Success Framework, which sets out what Wellcome wants to achieve and how. This will involve information gathering and desk research, qualitative and/or quantitative data analysis, reporting on findings, such as writing reports or briefing papers.

Applicants will need to have experience and interest in qualitative and/or quantitative research and analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving ability, the ability to work collaboratively in a team, strong attention to detail and strong written and verbal communication skills.


The Investments team manages our £27bn investment portfolio, which spans the globe from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen. From technology start-ups to corporate goliaths, private equity to hedge funds, and prime central property to currencies, we look for opportunities to grow our portfolio over a perpetual time horizon. 

Distributions from the investment portfolio fund all the Wellcome Trust’s global biomedical research; one of our strengths is that we are both financially and politically independent.

What will be the next $1 trillion listed company? When will electric cars cause oil demand to start falling? Will cash become obsolete? What will the next financial crisis look like? These are some of the questions we consider as we think about the investment universe.

During an internship here you’ll be involved in helping present investment ideas and blue-skies discussions within the team, portfolio management discussions, investment due diligence for new opportunities and meeting existing and potential investment partners and companies across asset classes.

Applicants will need to be analytical, and a fast-learner, have excellent verbal and written communication skills, the ability to offer fresh perspectives and think critically and be keen to take a hands-on approach.

Neuroscience and Mental Health

The science team improves health through funding scientific research. We do this by assessing and awarding grants to the research community, keeping up to date with the latest scientific developments and identifying areas where Wellcome could make a difference

During an internship here your main focus will be writing a report on neuroinfections – these are bacteria, viruses and parasites that enter the brain and damage or disrupt its function. These infections have a major impact on health, especially in low- and middle-income countries, and you will help us identify areas where Wellcome could make a difference.

This will involve reviewing the scientific literature, talking to experts within Wellcome and externally and writing a report and making recommendations. You may also have the opportunity to get involved in other areas, based on your interest and schedules permitting. This could include attending scientific meetings, scientific communication – such as blog posts and social media.

Applicants need to be working towards a degree in the life sciences, have an interest in the brain and infectious diseases, and be enthusiastic to learn new knowledge and skills.

Open Research

The Open Research team at Wellcome is dedicated to ensuring that the outputs of research – which include publications, datasets, software and materials – can be accessed and used in ways that maximise public health benefit. We advance the leadership role Wellcome has taken in championing openness through managing major funder-led initiatives, providing funding opportunities and leading the way as a funder in developing our policies and practices.

During an internship here you will initially conduct a study to help us gain a more complete picture of the research outputs Wellcome funded grant holders generate and share. You will also investigate the barriers that researchers experience to sharing their research outputs openly and the ways in which Wellcome can address these.

This will involve conducting analysis to determine the type of research outputs generated by Wellcome funded researchers across a number of schemes, and how they are currently shared, having discussions with grant holders to identify barriers they experience to sharing research outputs openly and preparing a report to summarise the main findings and outline recommendations and options for future work. There would be additional opportunities for you to get involved in other projects. We are a small, passionate and friendly team and would involve you fully in our regular team meetings and in other internal and external meetings.

You’ll need to have a broad general interest in research, open access and data sharing (although no specific expertise is required), be enthusiastic to learn new knowledge and skills, have the ability to synthesise information and write clearly and concisely and be able to work on your own and manage your time.

Talent Acquisition

The Talent Acquisition team is tasked with attracting, sourcing and acquiring the best talent. The team manages the end-to-end recruitment process, advising on best practice, designing the most appropriate attraction and sourcing strategies and ensuring that managers and candidates receive a first-class experience.

During an internship here you’ll help the team implement two projects. The first is to help create an interview toolkit, to be used by all hiring managers across Wellcome. This will allow consistency, alignment with our principles and help create interview best practices to allow consistency and mitigate reputational risk. You will also support the team to build their brand internally (across Wellcome employees and managers) as well as externally (across candidates and external partners), by documenting and describing our processes in a way that is easy to understand and follow. You will also create a feedback survey for managers, partners and candidates.

Applicants need to have a keen interest in recruitment, be interested in tech and/or be IT savvy, have great verbal and written communication skills, be creative and resilient.

Wellcome Collection: Collections & Research

The Collections & Research Department, part of Wellcome Collection, manages all of our collections regardless of format, medium, chronology or geography. At the heart of all of our work is a commitment to access, diversity and inclusion. The department consists of four teams:

  • Collections Development – includes investigating potential new materials that will bring new perspectives into the collections, and dealing with repatriation policies for example
  • Collections Information – includes doing inventories, provenance research and cataloguing our collections
  • Research Development – manages a lively programme of research development activity, including writing for the website, researching pop-up exhibitions and helping with programme events
  • Inclusive Collections – work to surface challenges to diversity and inclusion in our collections and help to embed inclusive practices across the department.

During an internship here you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects related to our collections in line with their own strengths and interests, and the department’s priorities. These are likely to include pieces of work that will help to enhance knowledge and awareness of and access to Wellcome’s collections; help bring new and more diverse viewpoints, voices and/or research communities to the collections and help to utilise the collections in support of Wellcome Trust’s wider priorities and mission.

Applicants will need to have the ability to work methodically and with good attention to detail, be able to use basic Microsoft Office Packages, enjoy writing and have a good standard of English, enjoy working with others and have a demonstrable interest in/experience of the cultural sector.

Wellcome Collection: Digital Editorial

The Digital Editorial team, based within the Digital Engagement department, manages a broad and diverse range of online content for Wellcome Collection, including writing and commissioning stories that aim to challenge how we think and feel about health, managing Wellcome Collection’s social media channels and producing web content for venue visitors.

During an internship here you will work primarily with the Social Media Manager to deliver playful and provocative content across Wellcome Collection’s social media channels. This will involve researching and writing content, scheduling social media posts and identifying potential influencers and contributors. There may also be opportunities to gain editorial experience through involvement with other areas of the team. 

Applicants should have a good understanding of social media, particularly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Wellcome Collection Inclusion Team

Wellcome Collection’s Inclusion Team works with all staff across the organisation to support change and develop best practice in relation to practicing inclusively. We support our staff to ensure we are inclusively engaging with deaf, disabled, neurodiverse and racially minoritised communities. 

During an internship here you will support the Inclusive Practice Lead to compile a literature review of international practice within the cultural sector relating to access, diversity and inclusion. You will research and write up a report of your findings as well as present to the  Inclusion Team. This work will involve researching cultural sector organisations that undertake inclusion work, document what is happening in the field and use desk research (mainly online research) to present best practice in the field. You will also take on small tasks to help co-ordinate summer projects and provide administrative support to the team.

Applicants should have an interest in diversity, access and inclusion work and methods, as well as a curiosity on how institutions function and work. We encourage people with a related lived experience to apply. You should be comfortable undertaking digital research and interpreting material, using Office 365 and have good communication and writing skills.

Wellcome Collection: On Happiness

In Summer 2020, Wellcome Collection will celebrate a season exploring the theme of happiness through a programme of exhibitions, performance, publications, live events and digital content. Spilling out of the galleries and taking over the building and online space, the programme brings together cultural and scientific voices to examine the complex and elusive nature of happiness, and its impact on mental and physical health. 

During an internship here your main focus will be supporting the On Happiness season coordinator to coordinate the season. This will involve working across teams to gather and share information, supporting with programme delivery and supporting the evaluation of the season and audience development. You may also have the opportunity to get involved in other areas, based on your interest and schedules permitting. This could include marketing and event delivery.

Applicants will need to have an interest in interdisciplinary arts and culture and project management.

Who can apply 

You must:

  • be a current undergraduate partway through your studies (not in your final year)
  • be available for the entire programme
  • have the right to work in the UK.

You can’t apply if you’ve already completed a Wellcome internship.

You’ll be working in central London. If you do not have a base in London, or would pay more than £100 a week to travel to London, we can help by offering subsidised accommodation at a cost of £100 a week. We cover the rest of the accommodation costs.

How to apply 

We are unable to offer summer internships in 2021. We'll provide an update in autumn 2021.

If you have any questions, email Nicole Randal at

Interns' experiences 

"The staff here are a collection of the friendliest people. I am ending my internship scared that my future internships or jobs will not meet the standards that have been set so high so early in my career." (Noor Alabdulbaqi, Science)

"My experience at Wellcome has been wholly positive and inspiring. I have a science background and have found that Finance has allowed me to really understand how the Trust makes such a difference in the research community. My understanding of accounting, financial processes and controls has developed through my work on mini projects. Everybody is really committed and enthusiastic, and has made this summer enjoyable and rewarding." (Thomas Clarke, Finance)

"Working for the Investments division has been truly unique – I've been able to develop my research and financial skills from working on a macro overview of India and a project on commodities exposures. I’ve also had experience in equities through covering some public stocks and communicating ideas to the team." (Jia Jun Lim, Investments)

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