Science teams

Our aim is to improve health through the best research. 

We do this through four core objectives.

1. Creating knowledge: we support the broadest range of research, that extends knowledge by testing and investigating ideas. In doing so, we will take risks.

2. Strengthening research capacity: we support the most able and dedicated researchers at every career stage and give them access to the best possible equipment and infrastructure.

3. Using knowledge effectively: we work to make the knowledge generated through Wellcome support readily available to be used by others and, where relevant, to improve health.

4. Promoting an environment in which research can flourish: we work with others to make sure the research environment is conducive to the flourishing of science and health research.

Find out more about the science team's strategy, Improving health through the best research [PDF 1MB]

Our Science Strategy Advisory Group helps us to develop and deliver our strategy.

A major part of our work is engaging with the research community about their research ideas, many of whom will go through our funding schemes.

Funding for large-scale research proposals that do not fit within our funding schemes, but help to deliver the science team's strategy, may be available through Science Strategic Support. Prospective applicants should contact a member of the science team to discuss their proposal.

Contacts for funding 

If you have a question about the research content or scope of your proposal, then the remits of each team and relevant contacts are shown below.

If you have a question about your eligibility, the application process, funding policies or general queries about grants, please use our contact form instead.

Our work 

Discovery research

Discovery research leads to new insights into our life, health and wellbeing. Researchers from any background have the freedom and flexibility to ask bold and creative questions that will improve our health. 

Research centres and institutes

We want researchers to work and train in environments where world-class research and translation can thrive. So we invest in the places where research happens.

Research at scale

Over the past 25 years, we’ve made a number of critical strategic investments. These multi-million pound, long-term investments in people, resources and technology have helped transform key areas of science.

Longitudinal population studies

Over the past ten years, we’ve invested more than £120 million in longitudinal population studies in the UK and low- and middle-income countries.