Policy Team

We influence public policy to maximise the impact of our strategy: supporting science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone.

Our policy work focuses on creating environments where research thrives and its benefits reach people quickly.   

We do this by providing expert insight and advocacy, creating pragmatic, ambitious policy solutions and developing the evidence base, arguments and products to reach our influence goals. We deliver collaboratively with Corporate Affairs and the Government Relations and Strategic Partnerships Team.

Meet the team 

  • Beck Smith

    Associate Director, Policy


    Beck Smith joined Wellcome in 2020 and became Interim Associate Director in 2023, leading the policy team's work across Climate and Health, Infectious Disease, Mental Health and Discovery Research.

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  • Michelle Marshall

    PA / Team Coordinator

  • Alice Bell

    Head of Policy, Climate and Health

  • Jeremy Knox

    Head of Policy, Infectious Disease

  • Paul Spencer

    Head of Policy, Mental Health

  • Martin Smith

    Head of Policy Lab

  • Clare Battle

    Policy Lead

  • Alex Callaghan

    Policy Lead

  • Arthy Hartwell

    Policy Lead

  • Zoe Molyneux

    Policy Lead

  • Robin Nataf

    Policy Lead

  • Ignacio Vázquez

    Policy Lead

  • Alycia Draper

    Senior Policy Adviser

  • Alice Jamieson

    Senior Policy Adviser

  • Rhea Newman

    Senior Policy Adviser

  • Chloe Watson

    Senior Policy Adviser

  • Sian Williams

    Senior Policy Adviser

  • Tom Harrison

    Senior Policy Officer

  • Rachael Hore

    Policy Adviser

  • Ollie Williams

    Policy Adviser

  • Mariam Radi

    Policy Officer

Our work 

Future of Global Health Initiatives process

We are working with a wide range of partners to review the roles and responsibilities of Global Health Initiatives, and to catalyse the collective action needed to build a more efficient, effective and equitable system that maximises health impacts.

Covid-19: supporting global research and development

We want to help the world overcome Covid-19. We’re calling for urgent international action to get lifesaving tests, treatments and vaccines from the laboratory to the front line, so they reach those most in need around the world.


We worked with EU institutions, the UK government, the research sector and others to achieve a Brexit settlement that allows research to thrive in the UK and Europe.

Latest reports 


Find out more about our policy work through our latest reports.

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