Culture, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team

We want to make sure that in everything Wellcome does, the broadest possible range of people contribute to, and benefit from, science's potential to change the world.

We prioritise and involve the most minoritised groups in each area of our work, and take targeted action where needed to achieve better outcomes for all.  

We do this by: 

  • co-developing and delivering a series of projects, programmes and initiatives
  • setting key milestones against which we track and communicate progress
  • ensuring equity is at the heart of Wellcome’s strategy and how Wellcome works. 

All of our work from now until 2026 will serve: 

  • Being an inclusive employer
  • Being an inclusive funder 
  • Establishing and leading on inclusive research design and practice.

Meet the team 

  • Lauren Couch

    Associate Director, Culture, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


  • Ann Singer

    People Team Officer (Interim)

Research and Funding Equity

  • Diego Baptista

    Head of Research and Funding Equity

    Connect with Diego:

  • Dr Lilian Hunt

    EDIS Lead

  • Teresa Cisneros

    Senior Practice Manager

  • Gearóid Maguire

    Practice Manager

  • Sophie Demellweek

    Senior Practice Officer

  • Robin Craig

    EDIS Comms & Administration Officer

  • Fola Afolabi

    EDIS Business Manager


  • Sarah Christie

    Organisational CEDI Lead

  • Fon Browndy

    Senior Practice Manager

  • Sophie Bevster

    Practice Manager

  • Jack Snow

    Practice Manager

  • Katie Ellery

    Senior Practice Officer

Insights and Learning

  • Farrah Nazir

    Insights and Learning Lead

  • Kasifa Khalid

    Best Practice & Advising Manager

  • Joey Parker

    Insights & Learning Manager

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