Diego Baptista, Head of Research and Funding Equity

Diego is developing and supporting a team within Wellcome's wider Culture, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI) team to build programmes and initiatives that help Wellcome become a more inclusive and supportive funder, and ensure our funded research is inclusive in it's design and practice.

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Diego leads the Research and Funding Equity team, focusing on how to increase the diversity of who gets funded by Wellcome and what it means for research to be inclusive in both design and practice.

This includes working on the processes behind how Wellcome delivers funding and, importantly, experimenting with new approaches to reduce our own funding inequities.

Diego works with teams both internal and external to Wellcome to help build funding tools and research programmes that are inclusive and equitable.

He has a background in experimental biophysics and biochemistry, and has a history of participating in activities to increase the diversity of who participates in research. He has also worked on how Wellcome can influence research culture in a positive way and ensure research is open and accessible.