Executive Leadership Team

Our day-to-day activities are managed by a leadership team made up of senior managers from across the organisation. 

  • John-Arne Røttingen

    Chief Executive Officer


    John-Arne joined Wellcome as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in January 2024 and leads the charitable foundation’s mission to support science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone.

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  • Chris Bird

    Chief Legal Officer


    Chris Bird is Wellcome's senior legal adviser, and is responsible for managing all the legal needs of Wellcome and its subsidiaries.

  • Nicholas Cammack

    Chief Research Programmes Officer (Interim)


    Nick is the Interim Chief Research Programmes Officer at Wellcome, leading a broad interlinked portfolio that focuses on discovery research and three urgent health challenges: mental health, infectious disease and climate and health.

  • Karen Chadwick

    Chief Operating Officer (Interim)


    Karen joined Wellcome in autumn 2015. Her responsibilities include ensuring the best possible operating position for Wellcome in relation to financial planning, reporting and cost management.

  • Richard Eales

    Interim Chief Finance Officer


    Richard joined Wellcome in 2015. He is the Interim Chief Finance Officer, responsible for leadership of Wellcome’s financial planning, reporting and cost management.

  • Alyson Fox

    Director of Research Funding


    Alyson Fox joined Wellcome in November 2010. She has responsibility for the management and governance of our grant funding and review processes.

  • Mark Henderson

    Director of Corporate Affairs


    Mark Henderson leads all aspects of our communications and public engagement, with a particular focus on building and sustaining trust, influence and Wellcome's reputation so that our work contributes more to health and society.

  • Steven Hoffman

    Chief of Staff (Interim)


    Steven joined Wellcome in 2024 as interim Chief of Staff with responsibility for supporting day-to-day management of the organisation and driving integration across Wellcome’s teams to advance our mission.

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  • Kathy Poole

    Director of People


    Kathy Poole joined Wellcome in August 2018 and leads the People Department.

  • James Thomas

    Chief Information Officer


    James Thomas joined Wellcome in April 2016. He is responsible for leadership of our technology and digital services.

  • Beth Thompson

    Chief Strategy Officer


    Beth joined Wellcome in 2009. She became interim Chief Strategy Officer in 2022 and Chief Strategy Officer in 2023, responsible for the work of the strategy and programme office, government relations and strategic partnerships, policy, and transition and legacy teams. 

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  • Jimmy Volmink

    Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer


    Jimmy joined Wellcome in 2023 as Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer and leads our work to become an inclusive funder. He works in partnership with the whole executive leadership team to support Wellcome in becoming an inclusive employer.

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