Four people have a discussion around a table

Hosting your Café Culture discussion

Café Culture is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to talk about the challenges you face in research culture, reflect on what a better culture would look like, and propose solutions for how Wellcome and other parts of the system could change.

Thousands of researchers have taken part in the largest ever survey into experiences of research culture.

Now we want to hear your solutions. Your Café Culture conversation will be one of many taking place across the world. 

Download the Café Culture toolkit 

To host your conversation, you’ll need a Café Culture toolkit, which includes a discussion guide and activities.

How to set up your discussion 

You can hold your Café Culture session online using a video conferencing platform.

If you'd prefer to wait and hold your session in person, you'll also have the option to download and print a physical Café Culture kit. Please consider the safety and wellbeing of all participants before going ahead.

Arrange a time for your session. You’ll probably need at least 60 minutes.

You can run a Café Culture with three or more people, although we recommend a maximum group size of 10 to make sure everyone has a chance to speak. It may be most comfortable if the participants are at a similar career stage. 

Familiarise yourself with the information in your Café Culture toolkit, and share the pre-read material with attendees before the meeting. 

A selection of activity cards from the cafe culture toolkit

Make your voice heard 

After your discussion, share your ideas:

  • through our online forum – you can also see what other groups of researchers have suggested
  • on social media – share using #ReimagineResearch.

Your conversations will feed directly into our work to craft goals for creating a better research culture, driving the changes Wellcome will be making and encouraging others to make.

Get in touch 

If you have any questions about hosting a Café Culture discussion, email