Research culture: let's reimagine how we work together

We want to help build a better research culture – one that is creative, inclusive and honest. Current practices prioritise outputs at almost any cost. This is damaging people’s wellbeing and undermining the quality of research. We can all help to reimagine how research is conducted.

Success on the board: development programme to unlock the power of underrepresented voices in research

Wellcome and Advance HE are piloting ‘Success on the board’. The 12-month development programme is for researchers and research services staff from underrepresented groups on UK university and research institute boards. 

The programme is open to women, disabled people, and people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups who are interested in exploring joining a board. Analysis of the membership of UK university and research institute governing bodies(opens in a new tab) shows that these groups are currently underrepresented. 

The programme will run from October 2021 to September 2022. 

To apply:

If completing the application form is a barrier to you applying, we will accept applications as video or audio presentations. Please contact as soon as possible to discuss this. 

Making change happen 

Thousands of researchers have taken part in the largest ever survey into experiences of research culture.

And through your Café Culture discussions, and events across the country, we've been hearing your ideas for change.

Your conversations have been feeding directly into our work, and we've committed to making change – in how we employ staff, how we fund researchers, and how people benefit from the research we support. We've also announced three new schemes for discovery research, which put culture at the heart of our funding.  

Transforming culture will involve us all working together. We want to carry on learning from and working with others to build a better culture for everyone. 

Reimagine Research Culture Festival

Catch up with the highlights from our online festival – learn about new approaches to improving culture, what's already working, and how you can take on change in your organisation. 

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Contact us 

  • Beth Thompson, Head of UK/EU Policy, about partnership opportunities
  • Ben Bleasdale, Senior Policy Adviser, about events and speaking opportunities
  • Liz Adelanwa, Research Communications Manager, about sharing stories of people championing change
  • Diego Baptista, Diversity and Inclusion Adviser, about how we're embedding culture in our strategy
  • Erika Loggin, Graduate Trainee, about the Reimagine Research Culture Festival

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