Directed funding

Tackling some of the biggest challenges in research requires a long-term perspective and a sizeable focus. We call this area of work our directed funding. 

Our support and contributions to these initiatives are designed to give researchers the freedom to ask bold questions and the tools, technologies and thriving research environments to make more serendipitous discoveries.

Major partnerships 

These facilities allow science to happen at a scale or speed that was previously not possible. 

They give researchers the cutting-edge technology needed to transform our understanding of health, life and wellbeing – from high throughput sequencing in genomics to the study of protein structures at sub-atomic resolution. This helps researchers make new discoveries, and can also reveal entirely new avenues of science for exploration. 

We fund globally, investing in researchers, large programmes of research and co-funded initiatives across the UK and in low- and middle-income countries, primarily in Africa and Asia. 

Catalytic Environments 

We want researchers to work and train in environments where world-class research and translation can thrive. So we invest in Discovery Research Platforms, research centres and institutes to help this happen. 

Focused, core support brings together teams who use their expertise, knowledge and skills to advance ideas and help us achieve our mission. Working to a common goal while sharing the same physical space and facilities means researchers can collaborate to tackle some of the biggest questions in research.

Discovery Research Platforms 

Research Centres and Institutes  

What funding opportunities are available?

We have several grants and awards available to researchers at all stages of their career.