Grants awarded: Developing Excellence in Leadership, Training and Science Initiative

In 2015, Wellcome and the UK Department for International Development awarded funding to eleven leading African researchers through the DELTAS I Africa programme.

Delivered by the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) at the African Academy of Science (AAS), this initiative supported world-class scientific research across the continent. 

The 11 DELTAS I consortia and their respective goals were as listed below. Many continued to the DELTAS II Africa programme, funded by Wellcome and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

Mental Health 

African Leadership for Measuring brain health in children and Adolescents (ALMA)

Consortium Director: Amina Abubakar

Lead Institution: Aga Khan University, Kenya 

ALMA seeks to understand neurobiological mechanisms, case identification, assessment methodology and childhood interventions to maximise long term outcomes in children as they emerge into adults. Research will cover mechanisms of brain development; measurement of brain function and behaviour and will assess interventions to promote child development.

African Mental Health Research Initiative 2.0 (AMARI)

Consortium Director: Dixon Chibanda

Lead Institution: University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe 

AMARI-II seeks to address research questions and interventions that reduce the treatment gap for mental health disorders. AMARI’s cross-cutting themes include youth, gender, ethics, multi-morbidity, suicidal behaviour, COVID19, complex interventions, mental health systems, public engagement, validity and reliability of instruments for assessing mental health needs and outcomes, social determinants of mental health, and the effects of COVID-19 and other diseases on mental health.