Research Leadership Development Programme

Our Research Leadership Development Programme (RLDP) connected senior researchers with great leaders to help improve their skills.

The programme is now closed.

We'll be reviewing support for management and leadership as part of our work to improve research culture.

What the 2018-19 programme involved 

The 2018-19 RLDP had two immersive parts, or 'learning journeys'. Each lasted for four days and all activities were run by our partner Monitor Deloitte.

The activities explored three basic issues:

  • strategy and vision
  • managing people
  • leadership persona.

Part one: London, UK

This took place 19-22 November 2018 in London. 

It looked at leadership outside biomedical research. Participants visited a range of organisations to meet the people in charge and gain new perspectives.

Part two: Boston, USA

This took place 11-14 March 2019 in Boston.

It looked at leadership within biomedical research. As well as meetings with scientific leaders, it included more hands-on skill development.

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