Covid-19: supporting global research and development

We want to help the world overcome Covid-19. We’re calling for urgent international action to get lifesaving tests, treatments and vaccines from the laboratory to the front line, so they reach those most in need around the world.

What we're doing 

Collage: a vaccine, a hand holding a test tube and a researcher taking a coronavirus DNA sample from the freezer

Covid-19 vaccines

We explain how Covid-19 vaccines work, and how we're supporting vaccine research, development and distribution around the world.

Collage: images of pills, a patient in a hospital bed, and a healthcare professional.

Covid-19 treatments

Find out about the latest progress on Covid-19 treatments, and how we're supporting work to develop and bring them to people, as soon as possible. 

A family of three and a worker who goes door to door to screen for COVID-19 in Pretoria, South Africa.

Covid-19 research we've funded

We're funding a range of Covid-19 research, from the development of treatments and vaccines, to support for low- and-middle income countries.

What you can do 

Governments and international organisations must continue to invest in the research and development of tests, treatments and vaccines. And they must support fair access to these lifesaving tools – so they are available to those most in need everywhere.

To achieve this, $16.8 billion is needed in 2021. Investing now, at scale and as a collective global effort, is the only way to save lives, reduce the spread of Covid-19 and bring societies and economies back on track. 

Governments and private and philanthropic funders can support research into and equitable access to Covid-19 tests, treatments and vaccines.

Latest news and explainers 

A hand in a medical glove holds the Covid-19 vaccine, it is connected to an image of the globe by an orange line.

Covid-19 vaccines: information hub

A collection of quick and simple resources on how Covid-19 vaccines work, how we know they're safe, and how they can be distributed to everyone around the world.


Work with us 

We’d love to hear from you on how we can work together to change the course of the pandemic.

Information for grant applicants and grantholders

Here's what you need to know if you're applying for one of our research grants, or hold a Wellcome grant.