Mental Health Team

We're helping to create a world where no one is held back by mental health problems. 

Anxiety, Depression and Psychosis can become lifelong, debilitating conditions that hold people back from achieving their life goals and contributing to society. 

Mental Health at Wellcome aims to lead a step change in early intervention for anxiety, depression and psychosis.

To do this involves considering how the brain, body and environment interact in mental health problems; understanding how interventions work and enabling connections and shared metrics across the full breadth of the Mental Health science community, including drawing on the expertise of those with lived experience of mental health problems.

We do this by bringing together expertise across science, innovation and society.

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Meet the team 

  • Miranda Wolpert

    Director of Mental Health


    Professor Miranda Wolpert MBE is the Director of Mental Health at Wellcome, a global charitable foundation which supports science to solve urgent health challenges.

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  • Alice Barney

    Executive Assistant

  • Lillian Hulme

    Team Coordinator


  • Catherine Sebastian

    Head of Evidence

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  • Inês Pote

    Research Lead, Evidence

  • Camilla Iannone

    Senior Research Manager, Evidence

  • Saz Ahmed

    Research Manager, Evidence

  • Cristina Doherty

    Project Officer, Evidence

Field Building

  • Niall Boyce

    Head of Field Building

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  • Suzanne Gage

    Research Lead, Metrics

  • Sophie Chung

    Senior Research Manager

  • Anum Farid

    Research Manager

  • Anjuli Sharma

    Project Officer

Lived Experience

  • Kate Martin

    Head of Lived Experience

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  • Maisie Jenkins

    Research Manager, Lived Experience

  • Grace Gatera

    Lived Experience Consultant

  • Shuranjeet Singh

    Lived Experience Consultant

  • Hannah Atkinson

    Research Manager, Lived Experience

  • Catherine Smith

    Graduate Trainee, Mental Health Translation

Mental Health Translation

  • Lynsey Bilsland

    Head of Mental Health Translation

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  • Usman Hamdani

    Lead, Mental Health Translation

  • Elena Netsi

    Senior Research Manager, Mental Health Translation

  • Kim Donoghue

    Senior Research Manager, Mental Health Translation

  • Caitlín Hastings

    Research Manager

  • Tayla McCloud

    Research Manager

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Mental health

Our vision is a world in which no one is held back by mental health problems.

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