Two brothers hug in a park a few days after lockdown restrictions were eased.

Hayleigh Longman

Josh hugs his little brother, Tanny. This image was taken a few days after the UK government eased lockdown restrictions. 

Report summary

Wellcome Global Monitor 2020: Mental health

The role of science in mental health: Insights from the Wellcome Global Monitor.  

The Wellcome Global Monitor: Mental Health is the world’s largest survey of how people consider and cope with anxiety and depression and explores the perceived role of science to find new solutions. 

Key findings 

  1. People worldwide think mental health is important. The Wellcome Global Monitor shows 92% of people worldwide believe mental health was as important or more important than physical health across all countries.
  2. They are not sure that science can help. The Wellcome Global Monitor shows more people saw science as highly relevant to being able to help address infectious diseases (53%) than anxiety and depression (31%). 
  3. A combination of different approaches are used by people globally to manage their mental health. 
  4. Mental Health Science must rise to this challenge together, building on the evidence of what works to find next-generation treatments, and thoroughly investigate all possible solutions.


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