Our trans inclusion policy is the latest step in making Wellcome more inclusive

Developed in collaboration with our LGBTQ+ network at Wellcome, we're launching a new trans inclusion policy for our staff.

Transgender pride flag with Wellcome logo

Kathy Poole

Kathy Poole

Wellcome wants a research culture with diversity at its heart. But we can’t be an authentic voice for change if we don’t champion diversity in our own organisation. We know we’re not as inclusive as we could be, and we want to change that. So, today we take another step further by launching our new trans inclusion policy. 

Wellcome is committed to creating an inclusive and safe working environment for trans people where they are treated with dignity, kindness and respect.  

We want our trans staff to be able to live as themselves, and work without fear of discrimination or harassment, regardless of their legal sex or gender assigned at birth.  

Our new policy joins a long list of other workplace policies that help Wellcome’s employees feel able to be themselves and to thrive at work.  

Our trans policy explains the support that Wellcome will provide to trans employees, as well as information for colleagues about how to support them and how we expect trans staff to be treated. We are also working with Gendered Intelligence, a charity that specialises in trans inclusion, to deliver training to key members of staff. 

Wellcome is also happy to be paving the way by providing ten additional paid days of leave for any colleagues who transition. These days can be used before an employee returns to work in their new gender. 

What did we do? 

  • We worked with Stonewall, who advised us that a trans inclusion policy would be a good step for creating a more LGBTQ+ inclusive organisation. 
  • Our People team and Diversity and Inclusion team met with Wellcome’s LGBTQ+ staff network to draft the policy.
  • We consulted widely and spoke to individuals and networks throughout the organisation to make sure the policy reflected Wellcome’s principles. 
  • We worked closely with our Berlin office to make sure that our policy can apply in Germany and contains relevant information for our colleagues in Berlin. 

What's next?  

We hope to start conversations with other organisations that want to create their own trans inclusion policy. 

To find out more, speak to our LGBTQ+ staff network at Wellcome: lgbtq@wellcome.org 

This article was first published on Kathy Poole's LinkedIn.