Master's Programme Awards in Humanities and Social Science (Closed)

This scheme supports people who want to run Master’s programmes to train humanities and social science researchers in any area of health.

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Scheme at a glance 

This scheme is now closed

Lead applicant career stage:
Administering organisation location:
UK, Republic of Ireland
Funding amount:

Each award covers the cost of 3 studentships

Funding duration:

3 years

Key dates

This scheme is currently closed to new applicants. There will be no funding round in 2021.

Who can apply

You can apply for this award if you run a Master's programme in humanities or social science.

The programme must:

  • specialise in a health-related topic


  • include health-related pathways within a general programme, eg a health economics pathway in a Master’s in Economics programme.

The programme must be based at an eligible organisation in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

There is no restriction on the number of applications from an organisation. You must submit a separate application form for each programme, even if the programmes are within the same department. 

Who can't apply

You can't apply for this award if you're an individual looking for funding to do a Master's.

What we're looking for

Our reviewers will assess how your proposed Master's programme will:

  • improve students' understanding of health through the humanities or social sciences
  • prepare students for a career in health-related humanities or social science research
  • build an influential and diverse population of talented researchers.

In your application, you should explain how you'll allocate the funding to students based on merit. 

You should also tell us how the award will help you achieve the aims of your programme, beyond the financial support.

Find out about the people and projects we've funded for this scheme

Each award supports three studentships and covers:

  • The stipend is based on our studentship stipend scale:

    • £16,000 a year if you're based outside London
    • £18,000 a year if you're based in London.
  • three lots of tuition fees at the UK/EU student rate
  • For example:

    • reasonable travel and subsistence for research
    • survey and data collection and statistical analysis
    • specialist publications that are relevant to the research and not available in institutional libraries. 

The duration of the award is 3 years. You can decide when to offer the individual studentships during that period.

What we don’t offer

We don't fund overheads.

Stages of application

  1. Submit your full application

    This scheme is currently closed to new applications.

    View a Sample full application form for Master's Programme Awards in Humanities and Social Science [PDF 159KB]

    You'll need to upload a statement of support from the director of graduate studies or equivalent at your organisation.

  2. Review and decision

    We'll determine the suitability and competitiveness of all eligible proposals, and aim to give you a decision within nine weeks of the application deadline. There are no interviews. In general, we don't give unsuccessful applicants detailed written feedback.

Disabled applicants

If you are disabled or have a chronic health condition, we can support you with the application process.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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This scheme is currently closed to new applicants. There will be no funding round in 2021.

Grants awarded

Find out about some of the people and projects we've funded for this scheme.

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