Scheme deadlines

The list below shows our funding scheme deadlines and other key dates.

The list only includes funding schemes that have published application deadlines. It doesn't include schemes that you can apply to at any time. If a scheme has more than one deadline a year, the list only shows the next deadline. See all our funding schemes.

Scheme Preliminary application Full application Interviews / decision

Wellcome Early-Career Awards

n/a 21 February 2023 Jul 2023

Wellcome Career Development Awards

n/a 04 April 2023 Sep 2023

Wellcome Discovery Awards

n/a 11 April 2023 Sep 2023

Wellcome Early-Career Awards

n/a 18 May 2023 Oct 2023

Wellcome Career Development Awards

n/a 27 July 2023 Jan 2024

Wellcome Discovery Awards

n/a 01 August 2023 Jan 2024

Mental Health Award: Finding the right treatment, for the right people, at the right time for anxiety and depression

07 June 2023 07 September 2023 Nov 2023

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