Grant end dates

How to extend or postpone your grant end date.

About grant end dates 

Grant end dates are determined by the start date of a grant and the duration agreed with Wellcome when it is awarded.

You can defer your start date by up to 12 months from the start date set out in your award letter. This then moves the grant end date back by the same amount of time.

All posts funded on a fellowship grant end when the fellow's salary support ends.

You must send us an end-of-grant report when your grant ends.

Changes to grant end dates 

We will change your grant end date if:

  • you ask for a no-cost extension
  • we agree to a postponement.

No-cost extensions 

Covid-19 extensions

If your grant has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, please read our Covid-19 guidance for applicants and grantholders.

Other extensions

We will only consider a request for a no-cost extension if it is to enable you to continue activities related to your original grant. We will not give you any more funds during an extension.

We will consider one request for a no-cost extension of up to one year.

You must email us with a request at least one month before your original grant end date. You should discuss your grant balances with your research and finance offices before asking for an extension.

You need to tell us your proposed end date and confirm that you have enough grant money to continue your work during the extra period.

For changes that are less than six months from the initial end date – briefly explain why you need an extension. This doesn’t need to be a detailed scientific justification.

For changes of six months to a year – explain why you are requesting the extension. You need to include:

  • a summary of your original aims
  • a progress report
  • details of the work you will do in the extra time.

If you hold a fellowship, you can use existing grant funds to support your salary during the extension. If you don't have enough funds to do this, your salary must be supported by another source.

Postponements to grant end dates 

If you have a fellowship, you can postpone your end date if you:

For grants other than fellowships, we will postpone your grant’s end date if:

  • it has more than one post and they were activated at different times
  • a post is unoccupied at any time during the grant, for example if the postholder is on parental leave or sick leave.

You should email us to agree the revised end date at least one month before your original end date.

Joint grants 

Holders of a joint grant must tell all the other grantholders that they want to change the grant's end date. They should also tell their research and finance offices.

The person with the latest end date will need to submit the end-of-grant report for the whole grant.

Contact us 

Contact our Funding Information Advisers if you have a question about funding.

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