Government Relations and Strategic Partnerships Team

We lead Wellcome’s diplomatic efforts, advocating for change in our world, and building the knowledge and partnerships that help us reach our goals.

We focus on climate and health, mental health and infectious disease, working closely with Policy and Corporate Affairs teams to deliver coordinated global political and cultural outreach. Our key stakeholders include governments and public bodies, multilateral organisations, the private sector and philanthropies.

Meet the team 

  • Alex Harris

    Associate Director, Government Relations and Strategic Partnerships


  • Emma Hamilton

    PA/Team Coordinator

  • Pauline Meyer

    Team Coordinator

Global Government Relations Team

  • William Hall

    Head of Global Government Relations

  • Jagmeet Sra

    Global Government Relations Lead

  • Alison Stiby Harris

    Global Government Relations Lead

  • Sarah Rappaport

    Government Relations Adviser

  • William O'Leary

    Government Relations Adviser

  • Amelia Dearman

    Government Relations Adviser

  • Leon Lau

    Global Government Relations Lead

  • Lucy Foster

    Senior Officer

Europe Government Relations Team

Strategic Partnerships Team

  • Megan Challis

    Head of Strategic Partnerships

  • Anna Lee

    Strategic Partnerships Lead

  • Rebecca Sugden

    Senior Strategic Partnerships Adviser

  • Gemma Wardle

    Senior Strategic Partnerships Officer

  • Erika Loggin

    Senior Officer

  • Declan Sammon

    Strategic Partnerships Officer

  • Silaja Birks

    Strategic Partnerships Lead

Cultural Partnerships Team

  • Sian Bird

    Head of Cultural Partnerships

  • Danielle Olsen

    Cultural Partnerships Lead

  • Anthea Longo

    Project Support Officer

  • Masonde Luteta

    Project Officer

  • Alice Carey

    Hub Partnerships Lead

  • Harriet Martin

    Hub Partnerships Lead

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