Data for Science and Health Team

Using trustworthy data and digital technologies to transform how science makes discoveries and solves the urgent health challenges facing everyone. 

Our work and funding 

The Data for Science and Health team shapes and funds data science initiatives to advance Wellcome’s mission. Our work ranges from supporting open-source infrastructure for pandemic response, to funding tools to model climate-sensitive infectious diseases, to launching a data prize to create new tools for mental health research

Data and software are at the heart of modern science and health. We make sure these tools are designed, built and governed in trustworthy ways. From ensuring technologies are effectively addressing problems they’re made to solve, to consciously developing technologies for – and with – diverse populations.

Apply for funding

Many of our funding calls welcome applicants from data scientists – even if they’re not specifically focused on data or technology. 

Collaborate with us

Wellcome regularly publishes opportunities for organisations to work with us to support our mission. These opportunities often have a data or technology aspect. 

Meet the team 

  • Tariq Khokhar

    Head of Data for Science and Health


    Tariq Khokhar leads Wellcome's work on data and digital technologies that are transforming how science makes discoveries and solves the urgent health challenges facing everyone.

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  • Zoe Brewster

    Programme Manager

  • Grace Annan-Callcott

    Program Adviser

  • Emily Jesper-Mir

    Partnerships and Engagement Manager

  • Rebecca Asher

    Partnerships and Engagement Manager

  • Dorothea Abok

    PA / Team Coordinator

Discovery Research and Mental Health

  • Matthew Brown

    Head of Digital Technology, Discovery Research and Mental Health

  • Lisa Murphy

    Technology Lead

  • Ekin Bolukbasi

    Data Prizes Manager

  • Gwydion Williams

    Technology Manager

  • Lorraine Holland

    Project Officer

  • Catrin Evans

    Project Officer

Climate and Health and Infectious Diseases

  • Julia Abernethy

    Technology Lead

  • Felipe Colón

    Technology Lead

  • Isabel Fletcher

    Technology Manager

  • Donna James

    Project Officer

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