Wellcome Photography Prize FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Wellcome Photography Prize. They cover everything from how to enter, to image sizes, to how you find out if your photograph has won.

What size should my image be? 

Images must be at least 15MB in size (uncompressed) and use Adobe RGB (1998) colour model and profile. All images must be submitted as high-resolution files suitable for printing as winning images will be reproduced, including in print format. TIFF or high-resolution JPG formats are preferred but we will also accept GIF, JPEG and PNG formats.

Can I submit images taken on my smartphone? 

Yes. We just ask that images meet a minimum file size of 15MB.

How do I enter? 

The Wellcome Photography Prize 2021 is now closed for submissions. Sign up for emails to get the latest news, including when the 2022 prize will be opening.

How much does it cost to submit? 

Nothing. The competition is free to enter.

Do you accept international submissions? 

Yes, absolutely. We welcome entries from all countries and there are no geographical limits on submissions.

Is there a limit on how long ago my photo was taken? 

Yes. For the 2022 prize your image(s) must have been created after 31 December 2016.

Do I need the permission of any individuals in my photograph? 

Yes. If there are any identifiable individuals in the photograph, permissions need to be given. As stated in the Wellcome Photography Prize terms and conditions, any entrant, or representative submitting images on your behalf warrants they have all third-party permissions and releases, including patient consent if relevant, necessary to have taken the image and to publish the image.

When you submit your entry you can provide more details about how consent was given.

Can I enter the same image into multiple categories? 

No. Images can only be entered into one prize category.

Individual images that are entered into any of the single image categories cannot be included again as part of an entry submitted into any of the series categories.

If I have entered the prize before, can I submit the same pictures? 

You cannot submit any photographs you previously submitted if they were a shortlisted or winning image.

If you entered images that were not shortlisted or winners, you may enter the same images again, if you believe they are still relevant.

How many images can I submit? 

There is no limit on how many images you can submit, but the same image can only be entered into one prize category.

Can I still view my entry after I've submitted it? 

If you've made a submission to the prize, you can still view your entry

When will I know if my picture has been shortlisted? 

We will contact shortlisted and winning photographers after the judging period has ended.

Does my photograph need to have people in it to be successful? 

No. As long as your photograph highlights a global health issue in a way that addresses the themes and questions of the category you are submitting it for, it is just as eligible to win as an image which features people.

We recommend that you put as much detail as possible into the accompanying caption and information to explain your image and artistic choices.

How will you use my personal information? 

Our privacy statement explains how, and on what legal basis, we collect, store, and use your personal information.

What do I do if I still have questions? 

The Wellcome Photography Prize entry conditions and judging criteria and terms and conditions, explain all elements of the competition rules in more detail.

If you have any further questions, send us a message.