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Wellcome Annual Report 2022

Find out how Wellcome performed in 2021/22, with commentaries from our Chair and Director, reports on what we did last year and reviews of our finances and investments.


Adrienne Surprenant / Collectif Item © Wellcome

Adi Ravoka takes part in the World Mosquito Programme in the South Pacific. 

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  • Reports and financial statements relating to our work in the year from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022.

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With a record year of spend on our new strategy, new funding schemes launched and a renewed commitment to equity and diversity, 2022 was a turning point for Wellcome.

  • In 2021/22, Wellcome spent £1.4 billion supporting ambitious discovery research into life, health and wellbeing, and actions taking on the urgent health challenges facing everyone – Climate and Health, Mental Health and Infectious Diseases.
  • We are delivering our new strategy, and plan to spend £16 billion over the next ten years. 
  • We were a founding donor to the World Bank’s Pandemic Fund, pooling international funding for projects to identify, prevent and manage outbreaks of infectious diseases.
  • Recognising the interconnections between climate and health, Wellcome helped put the health impacts of climate change high on the global agenda at COP27 and beyond.

How much has Wellcome spent on charitable activities since 2017/18?

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In 2021/22 Wellcome's charitable expenditure reached £1,366 million – a record year for funding life-changing research. Over the next decade we have committed to spending a further £16 billion to deliver our strategy.

“The focus of everyone working for and with Wellcome will now be on delivering the goals we’ve set, pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and helping to solve the urgent health challenges of our time.”

Julia Gillard




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