Media statement in response to UK government life sciences announcement

Wellcome responses to the UK government's new £650 million package of funding for life sciences.

Paul Schreier, Interim Chief Executive at Wellcome, said:

"The O’Shaugnessy review of the clinical trials’ environment is a very good piece of work in an area where the UK has both a strong history, and much potential for the future. We welcome it, and the government’s commitment to its implementation, for which there is not a moment to be lost."

Michael Dunn, Director of Discovery Research at Wellcome, said:

“The UK is home to a thriving life sciences community, continually making new discoveries about people’s health.  We are pleased to see the UK government’s recognition of this through the new commitments made today to help drive further growth and innovation.

“In particular, the new investment in a purpose-built facility for UK Biobank, which Wellcome has co-funded since its inception, will ensure it remains a world-leading centre of biomedical science, serving as a vital resource for researchers globally.

“Sustaining the UK’s strategic strength in science requires ongoing nurture and sustained investment from government.  The next step in growing the confidence of the research community would be a positive outcome for the Horizon Europe association discussions, reflecting the international collaboration that is crucial to contemporary science.”

Lynsey Bilsland, Head of Mental Health Translation at Wellcome, said:

“It’s positive to see this new investment in mental health science, which will support the development of new, improved, more personalised treatments.

“Lived experience must be placed at the heart of the Mental Health Mission to deliver the most effective and sustainable ways to help people living with mental health conditions. This will require including people from all backgrounds throughout each stage of research, from the design of clinical trials through to ensuring access to treatments.

“Continued investment to strengthen mental health science across the UK, and bringing together a wide range of research disciplines, will help to transform our understanding of mental health, finding solutions that work as effectively and as early as possible.”