Eight new Discovery Research Platforms will break down barriers in research

From cells to societies, Wellcome is directing £73mn to boost transformative research environments which empower researchers to overcome specific barriers to progress in their fields.

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Eight new Discovery Research Platforms will break down barriers in research
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Discovery research has near limitless potential to transform our understanding of life, health and wellbeing and improve lives. But researchers can be faced with barriers too substantial to overcome alone, which prevents the pursuit of discoveries in their field. 

To address this, we are directing £73 million into eight new Discovery Research Platforms which will bring together researchers, teams and collaborators to address a range of practical, technological and methodological barriers holding up progress in many fields.

To break down these research barriers, researchers need creative environments which include a diverse range of people and perspectives. Working in partnership with Wellcome, the Discovery Research Platforms will seek to deliver a positive and inclusive research culture that provides the conditions for researchers to conduct their best work.

“Discovery Research Platforms are a brand-new approach for Wellcome. By providing substantial support focused on specific research challenges, these environments have the potential to revolutionise fields and provide maximum possible benefit for researchers around the world.”

Michael Dunn

Director of Discovery Research


Discovery Research Platforms