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News | 16 January 2013

Synthetic Schmallenberg virus made in the lab

Researchers have made a synthetic copy of the Schmallenberg virus in the laboratory so that they can study how it infects cells and understand how to reduce disease. It is hoped the work will help in the quest for a vaccine for the virus, which causes birth defects in livestock.

News | 14 January 2013

'Lexicon': Sound and vision give expression to dyslexia

A poem written by a 12-year-old boy, which gives an insight into his feelings about struggling with dyslexia, has provided the inspiration for a new sonic artwork supported by a Wellcome Trust Small Arts Award.

News | 7 January 2013

ThInk: A new blog about the brain

The Wellcome Trust today launches ThInk, a new blog dedicated to exploring the human brain and the science, art and innovation that spring from it.

Man writing lines on a paper

Opinion | 18 January 2012

Figshare: a new way to publish scientific research data

Mark Hahnel, product manager at Figshare, introduces a free service aiming to push forward open access.