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A swab test for coronavirus.

News | 31 March 2020

Wellcome joins the UK government, industry and universities in a step-change to COVID-19 testing

Wellcome is supporting a step-change in COVID-19 testing by the UK government. Partners include the NHS, Public Health England, diagnostics companies Thermo Fisher Scientific, QIAGEN and Randox, UK universities, Boots, Royal Mail and Amazon.

 A pharmacy employee wearing a protective mask shows a box of Plaquenil (Chloroquine).

Opinion | 30 March 2020

Can chloroquine prevent coronavirus disease? Only research will give us the answer by Nick Cammack

The COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator is funding clinical trials that will answer whether the anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine can be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Three potential coronavirus vaccines in a tray

Opinion | 27 March 2020

A new way of developing vaccines for COVID-19 could help the world to prepare for future outbreaks by Charlie Weller

A vaccine for COVID-19 which uses cutting-edge RNA technology has entered phase 1 clinical trials. If successful, it could revolutionise the future of vaccine development.

A medical staff member disinfects medical equipment in a ward

Opinion | 18 March 2020

Urgent investment needed for diagnostics, treatments and vaccines to end the COVID-19 pandemic by Alex Harris

Now is not the time to make cautious investments: now is the time for courageous action to tackle COVID-19.

Six Heart n Soul co-researchers

Opinion | 17 March 2020

Heart n Soul at The Hub: how we’re working to create a creative and inclusive culture by Dorota Chapko

At Heart n Soul at The Hub, we believe that anybody can contribute to research, and we’ve tried to create an environment to enable them to do so. 

Partial Wellcome logo

News | 13 March 2020

Wellcome Trust and Wellcome Collection: planned building closure

Following careful consideration of the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve decided that the Wellcome Trust and Wellcome Collection buildings will begin a staggered closure to staff and visitors, and then remain closed until further notice.

Simon Chaplin

News | 12 March 2020

Simon Chaplin to step down as Director of Culture and Society at Wellcome

Simon Chaplin is stepping down from his role as Director of Culture and Society to take up a new position as CEO of Arcadia.

A female researcher in a laboratory

News | 9 March 2020

Wellcome pledges up to $50 million to new initiative to speed development of COVID-19 treatments

Wellcome joins the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Mastercard in launching a new initiative to speed the development of and access to therapies for COVID-19.

6 people dancing at their local library

Opinion | 5 March 2020

We're taking a new, devolved approach to public engagement funding by Imran Khan

Getting public engagement funding from Wellcome has changed. We’ve shifted our approach from open-ended funding schemes to targeted investments that have specific aims.

Two researchers carry out an experiment at a lab bench

Opinion | 4 March 2020

Lab leaders must create open and safe spaces to improve research culture by Ricardo Henriques

Ricardo Henriques, Group Leader at UCL, looks at how lab leaders can create open and safe spaces for people to discuss any issues in research culture.