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Artwork showing naked adults decorated with plants and animals

Opinion | 5 September 2019

Trust, identity and health in a changing world by Simon Chaplin

What does it mean to be human? A new permanent gallery at Wellcome Collection opens today to explore what being human means in the 21st century.

Face to face interview taking place in Benin as part of the Gallup World Poll 2018..

Opinion | 13 August 2019

The most important healthcare tool is trust by Jeremy Farrar

Wellcome Global Monitor shows that 70% of people trust scientists, doctors, and nurses.

Workshop participant sticking post-it notes on a board

Opinion | 5 August 2019

Asking better questions: how we're using the discovery process in public engagement by Haidee Bell

How we're using the discovery process to understand opportunities for public engagement in areas as diverse as mental health research and online health information.

Women working at the Sanitary Pad Unit on the Amgoorie Tea Estate in Assam

News | 19 June 2019

World survey reveals people trust experts but want to know more about science

Wellcome Global Monitor 2018 shows high overall global trust in doctors, nurses and scientists, and confidence in vaccines.

Two people facing wall full of posters with information about sleep and health, as part of the workshop and installation Night Club.

Opinion | 6 June 2019

New funding model to replace the Public Engagement Fund by Imran Khan, Greer Roberts

This autumn we’ll announce new partnerships to fund innovative public engagement projects.

Woman speaks at a workshop

Opinion | 20 May 2019

Research institutions are best placed to support researchers with public engagement by Rebecca Jones, Georgia Bladon

We’re trying new ways to support researchers to deliver the best possible public engagement.

Two people in conversation

Opinion | 25 April 2019

What we’ve funded in our latest Public Engagement Fund awards by Alexandra Parsons

Alexandra Parsons talks about our work to improve the Public Engagement Fund and reflects on the last round of awards.

Image of two women in conversation

Opinion | 29 March 2019

We want to champion new conversations with the public about health by Lucy McDowell

We want to pioneer 'deliberative dialogue' to involve a more diverse range of people in discussions about health challenges.  

Woman engaged in a conversation.

Opinion | 29 January 2019

We’ve funded projects with impact and legacy in the latest Public Engagement Fund awards by Alexandra Parsons

News about future improvements to the fund and tips for writing strong applications.

Image of two women talking

Opinion | 12 December 2018

Why we’re supporting public engagement beyond the UK by Georgia Bladon

The case for good public engagement in low- and middle-income countries is strong. But why, and what is Wellcome doing to ensure that our public engagement work makes a difference outside the UK?

Rungano Nyoni

News | 21 November 2018

Rungano Nyoni awarded Wellcome Screenwriting Fellowship

BAFTA award-winning writer and director Rungano Nyoni (‘I Am Not a Witch’) has been awarded the 2018 Wellcome Screenwriting Fellowship, in partnership with BFI and Film4.

Man speaking

Opinion | 7 November 2018

How we’re using research and evidence to make sure public engagement has a big impact by Carla Ross

Carla Ross explains what the new Public Engagement Research and Evidence team will be looking at over the next year.