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Two women at work in the Centre for Human Genetics

Opinion | 10 January 2020

3 things we’ve learned from the Wellcome Success Framework so far by Chonnettia Jones

Wellcome's Director of Insight and Analysis, Chonnettia Jones, discusses what we've learned from the Wellcome Success Framework.

Image of Nicola Perrin

News | 28 December 2019

MBE for Nicola Perrin in Queen’s New Year Honours

Nicola Perrin, former Head of Policy at Wellcome, has been awarded an MBE for her work on championing the responsible use of patient data.

A medical worker takes an image of a patient's eye at the Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital.

Opinion | 28 June 2019

New programme to explore how innovation in health data can benefit everyone by James Thomas

We're launching a new five-year programme on data for science and health to make sure everyone can benefit from health data innovation.

Illustration showing open access padlock symbol - one open, one shut

News | 31 May 2019

Wellcome updates open access policy to align with cOAlition S

Following a large consultation, we have updated our open access (OA) policy so it now aligns with Plan S. The changes will apply from 1 January 2021.

Woman looking at computer code

News | 25 April 2019

New data re-use prizes help unlock the value of research

The winners of our Wellcome Data Re-use Prizes have generated new insights in antimicrobial resistance and malaria research.

Photo of the Datalabs team

Opinion | 21 March 2019

A new method for ethical data science by Danil Mikhailov

Wellcome Data Labs is applying a new method to solving data science problems to identify potential negative consequences of algorithms early on.

A woman scientist handling test tubes at UK Biobank.

Opinion | 19 February 2019

Open access and Plan S: how Wellcome is tackling four key concerns by Robert Kiley, David Carr

There has been lots of reaction to the changes we’re making to Wellcome’s open access policy. This is how we are addressing them.

Mother with eight-week-old daughter, surrounded by family members.

News | 21 November 2018

How research is helping kids growing up with congenital Zika syndrome

Three years on from an unprecedented epidemic in Central and South America, families affected by Zika are still benefiting from research studies supported since the outbreak began.

Jim Smith, Wellcome's Director of Science

Opinion | 3 October 2018

Used effectively, your research can improve policy and practice

In this blog I’m focusing on using knowledge effectively, the third pillar of Wellcome’s Science strategy.

Wellcome's logo

News | 29 May 2018

New fund to support groundbreaking open research

Our new Open Research Fund supports innovative approaches that enable data, code or other research outputs to be discovered, accessed and reused.

Medicines and pins

Explainer | 17 May 2018

Sharing clinical trial data: what it means for you

Wellcome has joined CSDR, a data-sharing initiative involving academic research funders and pharmaceutical companies. Jen O’Callaghan, from our Open Research team, explains why.