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Illustration showing two petri dishes with EU flag stars

Opinion | 6 February 2020

Director's update: UK and EU leaders must now agree a strong deal for science by Jeremy Farrar

As the UK begins life after Brexit, Wellcome's Director Jeremy Farrar sets out what the transition period and beyond could mean for research.

Picture of Paul Schreier, Wellcome's new Chief Operating Officer

News | 30 August 2019

Paul Schreier is new Chief Operating Officer at Wellcome

Paul Schreier has been appointed as Wellcome's Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Illustration showing two petri dishes with EU flag stars

News | 27 July 2019

'The final months of 2019 could be a tipping point for UK science'

The text of our letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling on him to set out his vision for UK science as soon as possible.

plane with contrails

Opinion | 5 July 2019

Climate change: can we avoid flying? by Howie Frumkin

If you're serious about tackling climate change, what can you do about how flying features in your carbon footprint?

People holding placards on a demonstration about climate change

Opinion | 22 April 2019

Why doctors and nurses can help to heal the Earth by Howie Frumkin

Doctors and nurses are joining global demands for action on climate change – and because of their skills they have the potential for huge influence.

Image of a placard that says 'system change, not climate change'

Opinion | 14 March 2019

Climate strike: can a global movement of young people reverse climate change? by Howie Frumkin

Young people are marching in protest at global leaders’ failure to tackle climate change. Howie Frumkin hopes that young people’s actions may shape all our futures.

Hadden Park, West Vancouver, Canada

News | 6 February 2018

£10 million to fund new urban health project in ten cities

Wellcome is launching a £10 million research partnership across four continents to help improve understanding of how countries can create healthier cities and protect the planet.

A group of men, women and children in Bangladesh.

News | 30 October 2017

Climate change already damaging the health of millions

A new report reveals the various ways climate change is already affecting the health of people across the planet.

A child watches as the day's tuna catch is prepared for sale in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

News | 13 September 2017

Understanding the links between human health and the environment

Two years ago this month we launched Our Planet, Our Health, an initiative to increase understanding of the complex links between the environment and human health.

Dr Jeremy Farrar

Opinion | 10 July 2017

Director's update: G20 leaders' pledges on global health

G20 leaders united to make crucial pledges on global health at the weekend. Wellcome’s Director Jeremy Farrar gives an overview.

Fruit, including oranges and pineapples, stacked in a juice shop in India.

News | 4 April 2017

‘Future-proofing’ the Indian food system

Wellcome-funded researchers have shown that making small changes to diet could help to ‘future-proof’ the Indian food system against the declining availability of groundwater.

Staff member at the Africa Health Research Institute, KwaZulu-Natal, holding up test tubes in the lab.

News | 1 March 2017

Our goals for the year ahead

Today we announce five goals for Wellcome. These goals look ahead to how we will build strategic partnerships and promote policies which support research globally.