Mechanisms of epithelial polarity in flies and mammals


  • Prof Daniel St Johnston 

    University of Cambridge

Project summary

New curriculum specifications for biology GCSEs, A- and AS-levels have shifted toward an increased focus on practical skills that teachers and schools don’t necessarily have the equipment or knowledge to confidently teach. 

The Scientists' Collaborative Project with Educators (SCoPE) is a pilot public engagement project that will create three practical toolkits for use in biology classrooms. The toolkits will be connected to the national curriculum and strongly linked to research developed at the Gurdon Institute. They will be co-created through a series of interactions between state school teachers, scientists and professional designers. Toolkits will include laboratory materials, videos and more. They will be reusable and shareable and made available to teachers across the country.  

SCoPE will foster a culture of mutual learning between scientists and teachers while bringing new practical activities and contemporary research into the classroom. It will benefit teachers, scientists and schoolchildren.