History of Medicine: Minds, Bodies and Cultures


  • Dr Anne Hanley

    Birkbeck, University of London

Project summary

Students on the MA in History of Medicine complete two core courses and three subject-specific option modules. The first core course — 'Mastering Historical Research' — introduces students to the debates and schools of thought that have shaped the discipline of history. The other core course — 'Research Skills for Historians’ — prepares students for their dissertation. The modules establish pathways for progression to doctoral research. 

Unlike many other HSTM MAs, we explore health and illness from antiquity to the present day, equipping students with the knowledge and analytical skills to draw comparisons across the centuries as well as cultural and geographical divides. 

Our MA allows students to expand their passion for the history of medicine and health. Our primary focus is to transform these passions into meaningful research and help students build the intellectual and methodological foundations to undertake original projects that prepare them for doctoral work and professional life.