Health, Law, and Society (LLM)


  • Prof John Coggon

    University of Bristol

Project summary

Our Health, Law and Society (LLM) course explores how health relates to laws, governance and social justice, allowing students to develop a range of skills in research, reasoning and advocacy. 

The degree looks at health across society and sectors. It includes law and the human body, mental and social well-being, governance and healthcare institutions, and public and global health. We have a large, diverse teaching team in the Centre for Health, Law, and Society and the course includes guest speakers from academia, practice and policy. 

The course offers, critical contextualisations, embedding the study of health law in relation to social justice and institutional settings. It questions how to improve health from ground-up initiatives, such as political lobbying and litigation strategies, and top-down measures, such as legislation and regulations, and policy initiatives. Students will develop research skills and will have essay assignments and research-led health law reform projects as well as producing a dissertation.