Fundamental mechanisms controlling human energy homeostasis  


  • Prof (Ismaa) Sadaf Farooqi  

    University of Cambridge

Project summary

We want to find out why some people gain weight more easily than others so that we can find treatments for conditions such as diabetes.

Our aim is to find the genes that contribute to weight problems and the genes that allow some people to stay thin. We have identified quite a few of these genes and they all act on the same pathway. We are now trying to piece together some of the finer details about this pathway. We predict that there will be groups of genes that work together to control our eating patterns and the way we burn calories. We want to test the new genes we discover in nerve cells that can be made from stem cells as this will give us a window into how the brain works. We will invite people to do this by contribute to clinical studies to help us find out how certain genes act by measuring various hormones and metabolism.

This study will contribute to the design of treatments that will benefit people who struggle with their weight and this will reduce the burden of conditions such as diabetes.