What we don't fund

Although we fund a wide range of activities, there are some things we don't fund.

In general, we do not fund:

  • scientific research outside our remit
  • project or research costs you've already incurred
  • costs to top up individual grants already awarded by another funder
  • standalone travel or conference costs (although you can ask for them as part of a wider grant application)
  • small grants to support short-term projects
  • healthcare for patients
  • the building of hospitals
  • other charities if their sole intention is to redistribute the funds
  • humanitarian aid or charities who give out humanitarian aid
  • people who are applying for, hold, or are employed on a research grant from the tobacco industry.

Master's and PhD courses 

We do not fund the costs of Master's courses or PhD studentships unless you are:

We do not provide:

  • additional funding to complete a Master's or PhD if you've already started your course
  • contributions towards the cost of a PhD that isn't funded by us, such as living costs, travel and conference fees, and research costs.

Undergraduate courses 

We don't fund undergraduate courses. Our only scheme for undergraduates is the Biomedical Vacation Scholarship.

Public engagement funding 

We have closed our Public Engagement Fund. Instead, we are focusing on targeted investments that have specific aims. Read about our approach and how we're providing funds for public engagement.

Contact us 

Contact our information officers if you have a question about funding.

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