Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Mental Health Advisory Committee

Members are listed below. Additional experts will join as necessary.


Professor Matt Jones

Chair, University of Bristol

Dr Sarah Chellappa

University of Cologne

Dr Katharina Wulff

Umea University

Dr Vincent van Hees


Dr Rebecca Robillard

University of Ottawa

Dr Cathy Goldstein

University of Michigan

Dr Michael McCarthy

University of California San Diego

Dr Nick Meyer

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Francesca Conte

University of Campania

Dr Alison Buick

Cumulus Neuroscience Ltd

Benny Prawira Siauw

Lived Experience Advisor, Wellcome Trust

Niharika Maggo

Lived Experience Advisor, Wellcome Trust

Chantelle Booysen

Lived Experience Advisor, Wellcome Trust

Grace Gatera

Lived Experience Consultant, Wellcome Trust


Hannah Partridge

Funding Manager, Directed Activities

Wellcome Trust

We expect members to comply with our Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF 137KB].