Cognition in Psychosis Interview Committee

Members are listed below. Additional experts will join as necessary.


Professor Rachel Upthegrove (Chair)

University of Birmingham

Dr Laura Asher

University of Nottingham

Jonny Benjamin

Lived Experience Expert
Wellcome consultant

Chantelle Booysen

Lived Experience Expert
Lived Experience Advisor, Wellcome

Professor Eric Chen

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr Victoria Cornelius

Imperial College London

Dr Colin Depp

University of California, San Diego, USA

Dr Synthia Guimond

The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research

Professor Philip Harvey

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

Dr Bruce Morimoto

Vice President, Drug Development, Alto Neuroscience

Dr Thara Rangaswamy

Schizophrenia Research Organisation

Jenni Regan

Lived Experience Expert
Wellcome consultant

Zaynab Sohawon

Lived Experience Expert


Lauren Mills

Senior Adviser, Directed Activities

Wellcome Trust

We expect members to comply with our Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF 137KB].