Cell and Developmental Biology Expert Review Group

Its remit includes:

  • developmental biology including neurodevelopment at all stages
  • stem cells
  • cell biology
  • cell cycle
  • extracellular matrix
  • cell migration
  • cell signalling
  • membranes and receptors
  • gene expression where the study is focused on the biology of cell function.

Members are listed below. Additional experts will join the panel as necessary.


Professor Marysia Placzek (Chair)

University of Sheffield

Professor Jon Frampton

University of Birmingham

Professor Iain Hagan

University of Manchester

Professor Marius Lemberg

University of Heidelberg, Germany

Professor Frederick Livesey

University College London

Professor Sally Lowell

University of Edinburgh

Dr Liz Miller

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Dr Kathy Niakan

The Francis Crick Institute

Professor Simona Parrinello

University College London

Professor Eugenia Piddini

University of Bristol

Dr Danijela Vignjevic

Institut Curie


Victoria Marlow

Cellular, Developmental and Physiological Sciences Team Manager

Wellcome Trust

We expect members to comply with our Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF 137KB].