Final payment and expenditure reports

When your grant ends we ask you to complete a final expenditure report.

How to submit your final expenditure report 

The final expenditure report will be available on the Wellcome Funding platform when your grant reaches its end date.

We will email to ask your administering organisation to complete the final expenditure report (and end-of-grant report if we've asked for one). You will then have 90 days to complete and submit the report on the Wellcome Funding platform.

The report should:

  • summarise all expenditure incurred on your grant
  • request payment for any outstanding expenditure.

We will process your final expenditure report form and make the final payment. This may include a retained balance of 10%.

Read more about our 10% retention policy.

Information we ask you to provide

When you're completing a final expenditure report:

  1. Check that the pre-populated grant details listed here are correct. If they're not right, contact
  2. Enter the total spend over the life of the grant against the relevant budget category. Make sure the total does not exceed the total award amount (or you will not be able to submit the report).
  3. Add comments if spend for a budget category is 0, or 30% more than the amount you were awarded. If you’re using animals, you also need to add comments if you were awarded:
    • under £25,000 for animals and overspend exceeds £5,000
    • £25,000-£125,000 for animals and overspend exceeds 20%
    • above £125,000 for animals and overspend exceeds £25,000
  4. Confirm that the amount payable, overpayment or unspent funds amounts are correct.

If you don't submit your final expenditure report 

If you don't submit the final expenditure report within 90 days, you will receive a further email and then have an extra two weeks to submit it.

You must contact us if you need more time to submit the final expenditure report.

If you then fail to submit the final expenditure report, we will close your grant account and keep the unused funds. No further payment will be made.

We will also close your account and keep the funds if:

  • there are outstanding queries on your final expenditure report, and
  • you haven't sent us the required information within a reasonable timeframe.

Payment on a closed grant account 

We won't make any payments after a grant account has been closed.

Contact us 

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